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T-Mobile Plans Can Give You The World

T-Mobile Plans Advantages

T-mobile plans are becoming better and better each year. Recently, with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan, consumers are given unlimited texts, talk and data at the most affordable rate. With this advantage, you’ll be making a wrong move if you won’t choose to lock up a plan with T-Mobile.

Let’s examine more of what T-Mobile Plans can offer by starting with the Simple Choice Plan.

T-Mobile’s nationwide data is global.

With the Simple Choice Plan, you’ll be given the whole world. The data coverage is unlimited and it covers over 100 countries worldwide at no extra charge. Aside from this, texting is free and calls are charged at only 20 cents a minute.

Getting these features is easy. When you sign up for a Simple Choice Plan, you’ll automatically get unlimited global data coverage together with unlimited calls and texts with the home network.

The more lines you’ll get from T-Mobile Plans, the cheaper you’ll pay.

With the Simple Choice Plan package, the more lines you’ll get, the cheaper you’ll pay. For one line, you’ll pay 50$. But with the increase in number of lines, you’ll get a discount. For example, if you’ll get two lines, you’ll be charged only $80. If you get four lines, you’ll be charged $100 only.

Unlike other carriers which make you share minutes, calls, and data between you and your family, T-MOBILE PLANS allow everyone to enjoy not only unlimited call and text but also data. And now, unlimited data and text already covers 100 countries worldwide with no extra charge.  Hence, you can expect lesser charges each month. This is something you can hardly find from any other mobile carriers out there.

If you wish to learn more about the amazing T-mobile plans, you can visit their main website. Click here to go to T-Mobile’s official website.

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